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If I require any further information I will contact you.[/cs_text]

    Best way to notify you in the event of schedule changes, cancellations, etc (required)

    Have you visited your physician in the last year? (required)

    Has your doctor restricted you from any physical activity? (required)

    Do you experience any of the following? (check all that apply) (required)
    NoneJoint PainTendon painMuscle painAbdominal painKnee painLower back painNeck painShoulder painShortness of breathDizzinessFrequent headaches requiring treatment

    Have you lost consciousness in the last 12 months? (required)

    Do you have a heart condition? (required)

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    I acknowledge that any fitness activities associated with this program may be an extreme test of my physical and/or mental abilities. I hereby certify that I am fit to participate in any and all such activities and that such determination has been made by a qualified medical professional.


    - participants must be aware of their respective physical condition levels and limits. They must understand that there are risks associated with their participation in any of the Fitness and Nutrition programs offered by 10x10.fitness
    - All participants must adhere to the rules and policies set forth by all facilities.
    - The scheduling and or content of training workouts/fitness classes may be changed on
    occasion due to circumstances beyond control. In the event of a schedule change the
    instructor will make up the session.
    - membership payments are non-refundable – however, if an unavoidable situation arise
    which causes you to not be able to partake in the remainder of your sessions please inform
    Meghan as soon as possible and the remaining credit can be saved and used at a later date
    - once you’ve had a private consultation; should you decide not to take part in the program you
    will be refunded your registration fee minus $45 for the consultation.
    - Cancelling just before class or no shows will be charged full price, no refund or make ups.
    - Fitness Program packages are valid for up to the date specified at the point of purchase

    I have read and fully understand the above waiver and release from liability & policies, and I agree to
    abide by the terms and conditions set forth therein.

    Please type your full name below as your signature to confirm your acceptance of the above waiver and policies (required)